Visa Requirements

Visa Requirements

As a foreign tourist traveling to Uganda, the process of getting a visa is not difficult.

The first thing you need to know is that Uganda requires all visitors to have a Visa valid for at least 6 months.

Visas in Uganda can be obtained in two main ways.

Visa on Arrival

Ugandan diplomatic missions

Certain countries are exempted from having a visa for a maximum of 3 months when visiting Uganda. They include the following.

·          Angola

·          Antigua & Barbuda

·          Bahamas

·          Barbados

·          Belize

·          Burundi

·          Comoros

·          Cyprus

·          Eritrea

·          Eswatini

·          Fiji

·          Gambia

·          Ghana

·          Grenada

·          Hong Kong

·          Ireland

·          Jamaica

·          Kenya

·          Lesotho

·          Libya

·          Madagascar

·          Malawi

·          Malaysia

·          Malta

·          Mauritius

·          Rwanda

·          Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

·          Seychelles

·          Sierra Leone

·          Singapore

·          Solomon Islands

·          Tanzania

·          Tonga

·          Trinidad & Tobago

·          Vanuatu

·          Zambia

·          Zimbabwe


Holders of either service or diplomatic passports issued by Namibia, India, Italy, or South Africa also do not need a visa for up to 3 months.

Visitors from the rest of the countries

Visa on arrival…

Visitors from all other countries other than Somalia can get visa on arrival. The price is $50 as of 2016.

Those with electronic visas are replaced at the arrival facility.

Even visitors who have not applied for their e-visa, are able to do so on arrival.

Expect a few delays when getting your visa on arrival.

The following are the requirements.

Two passports sized photographs

Biodata page of the passport

Birth certificate (self/partner)

Proof of relationship for dependents

East African Tourist Visa

This is a visa that is valid for 90 days and can be used for Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya. It is only valid if it was first used in the country that issued it.

The cost is $100.