Travel Jinja – Tips for the Best Adventure Tour near Capital of Uganda

The place is just two hours from the capital Kampala for getting the exotic experiences of the different world can be found in one only Jinja. After arriving in Jinja we only wanted to have fresh iced coffee from Java coffee house and enjoy that in the nice air-conditioned room. The atmosphere of Jinja is quite similar to Bali, after arriving there some people from basecamp give the details about different activities which can be done like rafting. The source of water is the Nile, Lake Victoria where most people goes rafting.


However, it rained all day luckily the water of the Nile was quite warm. the adventurous experience of rafting was amazing as the boat topples and quickly the crew members in Kayak get everyone back into the boat. It is truly a nice place to travels and gets relaxed. One has to say the Jinja is the highlight of Uganda.


Fun activities in Jinja!

The best fun activities in the relaxing place of Jinja is river rafting. It took around $140 for the entire day to be in the boat including lunch, protection, equipment, and beer. The white water rafting is certainly not so difficult although there are high chances of falling over from class 5. In case one finds this to exciting than going for class 3 or 4 is the best option to choose.


Experiencing the sunset on the bank of the Nile is very relaxing and rejuvenating. Enjoying the scenic beauty and having drinks is truly marvellous. The Nile sunset Cruise was booked for our trip and took $45 per person. One can also enjoy the rain forest and chill by the beauty and sound of the chirping of birds. An entire day can be spent on a boat for $80, the quiet and spacious city Jinja is one of my favourites. The place can be explored by cycling, bike rides, and walking.